Friday, March 8, 2013

Show Report: "lack of undergitch is a totally valid technical difficulty."

Show Report - Friday January 18, 2013
The Cameron House with Fitzroy Terrors

C - It was a dark and stormy night, so I fueled up on chicken curry & cajun fries, 'cuz that's how I roll. By the time I got to Cameron House I was actually really relaxed. Which is weird. 

C - It was lovely not having to haul amps. Thanks Fitzroy boys! Just guitars & pedals & cruise on in. Jason even had a sassy pair of white high heels sitting on top of his amp! There was a hot pink piece of satin draped on the piano that, had it been much tinier, I would have assumed was Mandy's undergitch. 

D - Yes, if that pink satin guitar case liner had been underwear, there would have been enough room for all 3 of us in there! On the other hand, Mandy's Lucky Rock Star undergitch doesn't look like it covers anything at all. How comfortable could that be? Floss much?
At least we located it so that the show could go on!
C- i actually went around and told a bunch of people to please not be alarmed, our set would start as soon as our bass player found her lucky underthong. they looked terrified but laughed politely.
M--It was totally awesome not having to deal with amps, a little terrifying when my lucky rockstar gitch disappeared, and yeah--I'll never leave the drummer in charge of my gitch again. He doesn't know where they go. 
...and lack of undergitch is a totally valid technical difficulty. 

C - Great crowd, great conversation, great venue. Listened to a whole lotta Zeppelin waiting for Fitzroy Terrors to start. good times.
D - bad know I've had my share! When the woman left home with a brown eyed man, I didn't seem to care...

C - funny, i wasn't nervous at all about our set but i was on my way to terrified to sing along on FT's song "Creep". I just didn't know it super well and didn't want to mess it up. but i think it went okay - guys?
D -Seemed fine to me! I couldn't see / hear a thing from back there! I had to follow the clambell!

C - Mandy! the clambell slide was epic!
M--That was some unusual rock n' rollery. 

C - although my cocktail dress was the longest skirt i've worn in months, it was so tight & tricky it required two girlies to help lace me into it. heehee!
D - But more many girlies helped you out of it? :)
C- unfortunately none, and there was a tickling attack from the buddy who unlaced the back for me. eeek!
M--I know. I felt totally overdressed and awkward. No more of this trying to look classy bollocks. 

C - our dancing girls Kate & Kelly were amazing! such great energy for the whole set!

C - also, people were dancing for most of the set - sometimes to songs that i wouldn't have pegged as a dance song, but what do i know, right?
D - Haha, you said "pegged"! 

C - Big Dumb Rock Song featured both bands, with Jason on guitar so i could just stand around and sing. that tune rocks with a killer guitar solo in it! awesomesauce. 
M--The supergroup was fun!

C - poor sound tech Frank not only had to deal with our silliness, but a front speaker that conked out - so he had to work around by panning everything left & pulling magic tricks out of a hat & switching microphone weirdness. but he kept the rock rockin! thanks!

C - Mandy, please tell the tale of the strange blonde guy at the Poutinerie :)
M--Ahhh yes, we were still all whore'd up from the gig, and stopped for poutine across from a venerable old strip club, Filmores. We were chatting with the nice young man behind us in line and mentioned that we'd just done a show; his reply was "Oh, were you on at Filmore's?" and then when we stopped cackling like loons long enough to explain that we're in a band, he was really really really profusely and repeatedly apologetic. It was rather adorable. 



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