Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Show Report - Friday Sept. 7, Hard Luck Bar

with Girl Lovin the Vibe and SLAVE to the SQUAREwave

C - how do i get talked into wearing such ridiculous (tiny) outfits on stage? i was more nervous about that than the two new songs. argh. 

M - Hey, who doesn't like a good school assembly. And for that you need slutty school girls. And 'cause it was a school assembly, everyone had to stand for the playing of the national anthem, on bass and kazoo. So we had to be dressed like slutty school girls. It's just logic. 

C - good thing we put all new or tricky songs into the first third of the set, because THREE lovely people brought us rounds of shots while we were playing. this is why the last two songs are dead easy - for just such an occasion.

M - Yes, there is that good place, that is somwehere between the theraquila and the second of three on-stage rounds kicking in where we get the accuracy-to-fun ratio right. And then we play the last two songs. Screw you accuracy, you A-type jerk. 

D - I invoke the right to remain silent on the grounds that anything I say or do can and will be held against me!
      Is it any wonder that these are called "Miranda" Rights?

M - I'm not holding my rights or my lefts against you, Doug. 

C - okay Doug, we'll let you off the hook on this one. i'll try not to mention you poking me in the ass with a riding crop between songs. 

D - At least it was just a riding crop!!!!

C - i think we played really well - new stuff turned out okay, people were cheerleading, lots of laughter. we had a lot of great feedback from sweet people after the show. that's always lovely. sold some tshirts, made some friends. but THEN, the most important part of the night... dancing our fool asses off to SLAVE to the SQUAREwave! that was amazingly fun. (there may have been some shirts unbuttoned while dancing on stage, but what happens on stage stays there, right?)

M - I had an insane amout of fun playing, grooved to GLtV while I worked the crowd and ended up with a bra full of tshirt money (the Bank of HHLF--a little sweaty, but ain't no-one breaking through that bullet-proof brassiere) and then danced my ass into oblivion when S2tSw went on. And totally got my dirty dance on with Kim. But I gave her $20 bucks of bramoney, so that makes it less pervvy. Yup. 

D - Well, Mandy does set the standards for whoredrobe, so we must adhere to those standards. Specifically because we constantly aim so high!!!
It's just a drag I can't dance with you guys whenever SLAVE plays. Cuz you know I got the moves like Jager!

M - I believe that's spelled 'J├Ąger'. 

D - Yeah, I'm just to lazy to search for umlauts! 

Thanks for the Photos Noah/Steve!

Video from the show - thanks Andrew!: