Thursday, May 7, 2015

Battle of the Boobies - High Heels Lo Fi vs. Steel Panther

Friday May 22 - Help us get the most tatas on stage! We love Steel Panther, so we want to kick their asses. They always drag lots of girlies on stage in the middle of their show, just like we do. On May 22, they'll be a big band on a big stage, while we're a small band on a small stage. BUT - we are playing at super sexy Cherry Cola's Rock & Rolla Cabaret, while they're down at the unsexy Docks / Sound Academy / whatever. We are positive that more girlies will jump onto OUR stage than theirs, and shake their business. Why will we win? Because we're a 2/3 chick band, because we're naughtier and sillier, because this is TORONTO and we flash for our own. Want to help? All you have to do is come out to our show by 10pm, and take a turn dancing on stage for a few minutes. Flash your bra, or not. Just prance up and be counted -you'll have an amazing time!