Thursday, May 10, 2012

Band Camp Highlights

May 4 - 6, High Heels Lo Fi spent the weekend writing new songs & polishing old ones.
Here is a tick of what Cyn remembers...

- Doug's vanilla ginger white wine sangria tastes like HAPPY.
- his corned beef hash is also divine. foooooooood coma
- photographer Lance Preston took an array of amazing (and weird) photos of us in an S&M dungeon. sorry, "playroom". whatever. please don't ask how we get talked into these things, we have no idea
- songwriting degrades into a pizza party pretty darn quickly when Doug is mixing drinks like it's Saturday but it's only Friday night.
- Mandy's new song is AWESOME & involves dive bars, the moon, and 60's surf twang guitar.
- Doug's roller derby tune is coming along quite well. maybe 60% done.
- new cover song is sung by someone who acts like a big tough guy... but it's the highest thing that I have ever sung, so I'll be practicing arias in the shower for a few weeks.
- My new song needed a bridge, and Doug and I both screamed the solution at practically the same moment. it was sorta creepy. but then when we hacked it out, it got creepier, in the best of ways.
- Cinco de Mayo margaritas = yum!!!
- it looks like we really will get a full length album done this summer!

Oshawa - May 11, The Atria, 59 King Street East
with Money Pie and Lavender Orange

London - June 2, Richmond Tavern, 372 Richmond Street
with K.R.A.W. Don't miss this rockin' party night!

Toronto - June 7, NOW Lounge, 189 Church Street
Laura Rock's release party for new CD "Law of Attraction" with guests Sarah Smith and High Heels Lo Fi.

Brantford - July 28, Crazy Bill's Paintball, 380 Sour Springs Road
Paint-a-palooza - Brantford Roller Derby Fundraiser
a whole day of bands & food & sun & fun - don't miss it!

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