Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Show Report - London - Oct 13

with Robert O'Neill and WitchEver at The Richmond Tavern

show report - london

C - the quest for Starbucks ended in a large fail, but mediocre salad was good enough. Little Girl in Ladies room - do you dye your hair? i almost said no, vitamin deficiency. heh heh. Mandy found the WEIRDEST flavour of chips

D - Sour Cream & Bacon and Hot Wings aren't "weird" to most of us potato chip enthusiasts! But when the truckstop stocks bright pink cowboy hats, nobody even blinks an eye!

M - That little girl in the washroom was awesome. We may be the machine that spawned the next Florence. The check out lady was totally impressed with my choice in potato chips. And there is no weird at 4am when you're drunk and starving; there is just grease and tasty tasty chemicals.

C - our hotel was easy to find, and we didn't realize until our photographer buddy Jason sent a text - is that the place next to the Beef Baron? naturally we find the sleaziest, dirtiest strip bar. apparently it's so foul that our cousin Dirty Dirk won't even go there. Doug said the elevator smelled like strippers

D - I'll bet there have been many a walk of shame down the Econdomlodges hallways! I'm pretty sure that elevator reeked of cheap perfume and shame! The Beef Baron? Are we in the meat packing district? Apparently yes! Must be a sale on beef curtains tonight!

M - yeah, wow, that hotel must have been an Olympic venue, 'case it was all kinds of special. And the Beef Baron next door smelled like skunk. Which kinda makes sense--Pepe Le Pew has always had a thing for pussycats.

C - we arrived, and instantly tore the room apart for photo shoot #1 one, which is classified. which sucks because it was HILARIOUS and you will PISS YOURSELVES laughing when you see the pics.

D - I'm pretty sure the what we did in that room was quite tame compared to "normal" weekend activity. Though, I wouldn't want to have gone all CSI on the place. I'm hoping I didn't catch anything from the jacuzzi! And I have to say I did enjoy some of the "reflective" features of the room!

M - The hotel guy arrived with the rolly bed at exactly the wrong time. He was all eyebrows and skeezy questions when I checked out the next day.

C - photo shoot #2 was classier and we were fully dressed. unfortunately, the cocktails were fake. we were drinking red bull & tequila out of ugly plastic cups though, have no fear

D - Classy as we could ever be! That's why I keep the inner voice gagged for such "sophisticated" moments! ( I so wanted to spell that with an f instead of a ph)

M - Yeah, I know it's all part of the magic and make-believe, but it was still weird being all dressed like a grown up. That is NOT why I joined a band!

C - after whoring up twice for photos, we whored up again, shook our bits at the Beef Baron out the window, then took off to the gig.

D - Except for poor Mandy who had to return the mom-mobile back to the hotel, cab back to the club, cab back to the hotel to retrieve Jason's backpack that was left in the mom-mobile and then back to the club! Cutting into precious pre-show theraquilas!

M - Somebody had to take on that mission, and I had the keys to the mom-mobile. I made up for lost tequila time later...which always leads to lost tequila time...

C - Mandy is a Trooper - she's looking for The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car in Cold, Cold Toronto, and Don't Like Bein' Told What to Do, so Drive Away, Drivin' Crazy in your Gyspy Wheeler Lookin' for Trouble and Raisin' a  Little Hell.

D - What? Mandy is in Trooper? Sweet gig!

M - Trooper is in me. And mmm raisins...

C - i love playing shows in London. they get us. they sing along. they have an ass-shaking Stephanie!

D - Let me shorten that last sentence to what you wanted to say: "I love ass-shaking Stephanie!"

M - Asses in general love us.

C- we have mic stand drink holders now, for we is teh hightechs and such

D - And we (well, I) have learned that if you knock over the mic stand, the drink, she's gonna spill. Maybe we need fancy sippy cups for these high tech holders?

M - Everything is better in a fancy sippycup, and less sloshy. I hate sloshing on the Harlot, but it happens.

C- the new songs went well, with no mistakes, and no terror induced shaking that we couldn't hide well enough.

C- you know what the audience didn't see? my ruffled & bow black panties. because my cocktail dress skirt was actually long enough to be civilized, and i didn't bend over like a trollop.

D - I don't know if I can get the sight of both of you fully clothed and underexposed out of my mind!  Some things can't be unseen! Thank gord we had that photo shoot to make up for it! ;-)

M - Yeah, again, dressing like a grown-up is NOT why I joined a band.

C - the hotel said we could have a late checkout of 1pm, and nobody would disturb us until then. nice of them to phone at 11:30 am and see if we were still in the room. assholes. that is why i always steal the pen and notepaper.

D - That hotel probably says a lot of things like: "I'm sorry lady, you need to wear clothing during the "continental" breakfast!" and " No...a donkey is not considered a pet and cannot accompany you to the room!"
D - I slept on a roll-a-way bed that basically had a crib mattress! You guys had a king size bed! I see how it is..."Them drummers ain't right and can't be trusted." Well...yeah, you're probably right!  ...sigh...

M - Yup.

C - is it rude to barge into someone's apartment and beg for coffee, when it's 1pm and you've just gotten up and are slightly hungover?

D - Only if it takes you more than 3 attempts to find the apartmet

M - I think that coffee saved us from causing a major accident en route to the OnRoute for coffee, so I think we could categorize it as a medical emergency.

C - when YOU are at the OnRoute pitstop, sipping Starbuckery, are you given a bright red rockem' sockem' robot by the cleaning staff? no?!?! then you're not Doug.

D - No! No you're not! And being all of the awesomesauce!

M - Because you're in a band.

D - No...because I'm in a band with with you guys! <3 p="p">
PHOTOS! - High Heels Lo Fi, Witch Ever and Robert O'Neil at The Richmond

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show Report - Sat. Sept. 29, Bassline Pub, Ottawa

The Contra, Black Market Candy, High Heels Lo Fi, Static Revolt

C - the drive up was mellow, and filled with alt-rock and Starbucks. we made it in about 4.5 hours, which is ridiculous. lots of time to fuel up with a huge burger and a few drinks.

M - Yay for the Mom-mobile! Comfort, space, and a good sound system! Also? Cruise control. Handy 'cause I have a congenital lead foot from Mom's side of the family.

D - Drive highlight (or lowlight) Some dude in a black oversized pick up actually had silver balls hanging from his trailer hitch! Why didn't we get a picture?

M - Because some things are too gross and stupid to need a picture of.

D - You're right Mandy... I guess Cyn can vouch for that!

C - someone mentioned that a "girls night party" was coming tonight. woohoo! we like girlies!

D - Yes!.....yes we do!

M - Who doesn't?

C - I had been sitting still for far too long, so when I popped outside with Doug, I was doing jumps and high kicks to get some blood flow going. whoops - was doing super high kicks in a super short skirt. good grief.

D- It's O.K. Cyn...remember, you had Mandy's underpants on? So I technically didn't see yours! And the vocal demonstrations you gave to the local youth gang was quite funny as well!

M - It 's nice that Cynthia is volunteering with the underprivleged children, giving them music lessons and help with their anatomy homework.

C - I was really worried that my voice wouldn't hold. I had been sick for several days, and my throat was pretty sketchy. but by the fourth song I was pretty sure it would last for the set. I'd say it was at about 87% of regular power, which hopefully was enough to amuse everyone

D - Pretty sure the bottle and a half of tequila we went through that night helped!

M - Mother always said that alcohol kills the germs.

C- there is often one dude in the audience whose face I notice when we play Littlest Hobo. I see this glimmer of... "this is familiar", followed by "no - it couldn't be", and finally "HELL YEAH!" and suddenly there is a fist in the air and he is singing along. it's a different dude at each show, but I love that dude.

D - Littlest Hobo always goes over well and with the new "mix up the musical genre bass solo" it's just over the top. Until... you stand up and knock the drum stool over and realize you can't sit back down for the rest of the song!

M - Every song, all rockbilly, all the time...
      The first thing I heard when we finished our set was some guy hollering "That was fucking hilarious!" which is           really the best compliment anyone could pay us.

C- Girlies wore our t-shirts. That makes my black little heart melt a bit.

M - They make everyone's boobies look better! And make moobies more manly...

D - Wow, do our t-shirts ever make girlies look good!  And we don't mind a "good" girl on occasion! But we prefer them bad!!!
     Speaking of which, there might have been a "slotblock" incident at the after party. I'll try to not let that happen again! Unless we decide to share, of course! :)

C - Mandy: "how long does GoogleMaps say it is to Kingston?"
     Me: "two hours and five minutes".
     Mandy: "i'll do it in an hour forty-five".
     Me: "holy crap, she did!"

M - See my first comment.

D - That's how we roll (and rock). She gets a blues name to insert: "Leadfoot"!

C- Lunch at The Iron Duke on Wellington is well worth the detour. That black bean dip was the tastiest of all tastes, and luckily the bean effect didn't hit until hours after we were out of the car.

D - It's O.k. You two bought enough cheese in Wilton to counteract anything that goes through the digestive system for months!

C- I spent around $300 at the Wilton Cheese Factory, but $200 was for a friend with a wee Wilton Cheese addiction. I guess if you're gonna get hooked on something, great cheese isn't so bad.

M - Yeah, there's something about that cheese. I got a bag of cheese curds, but when I saw ~everyone~ coming through the door buying cheese curds, I got suspicious. So I gave the curds to my mom instead. We'll see what happens...

D - Whew...glad I don't do cheese!