Friday, January 24, 2014

Facebook is NOT working.

Here's the deal folks - Facebook is great, but broken. If we post about an upcoming show, although 905 people have liked our page, it will only be shown to perhaps 45 people. Then, if those people all click "Like" or comment on it, it will be shown to more people... maybe 400. The only way around this is to pay money to "promote" each post. I'm sure it won't shock you to know we don't have mad cash lying around to play silly buggers with Facebook's weird issues.

There are two things you can do to be properly notified about upcoming shows. Go to the main High Heels Lo Fi Facebook Page. Then,

Under the "Liked" button, select Get Notifications and Show in News Feed.

That helps a lot, but the better way to be 100% sure you hear about shows is to get on our email list. We only send email when we have a show, or something super important is happening. Please go to and scroll to the very bottom. See "Enter your email to join our monthly(-ish) mailing list" and go for it. I can't remember if you have to reply to a confirmation email - if you get a mailing list email thingy shortly afterward, follow the directions.

THANK YOU for staying connected! We are writing new songs, working on a new EP, and planning shows across southern Ontario this spring & summer. The more you spread the word of this wacky project, the farther we can go. (We also have some contests & weird videos planned, but that's currently Top Secret.)

If you need to shake your ass and jump around on Thursday January 30th... what do I mean "IF"? Of COURSE YOU DO! It's good for you to be a rebel and go out with your friends on a school night. See you at Cherry Cola's! Queen & Bathurst, $5, doors at 10 we're on around 11.

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