Thursday, November 19, 2015

Show Report: Sat. Nov 14 - Buck's Tavern, Brantford

High Heels Lo Fi Show Report
Sat. Nov. 14 - Brantford - Buck's Tavern

Babbling from Cyn, Doug, Spacker Dave, and Jackie

C - We managed to round up 7 of us plus our driver in the huge white prisoner transport van, leave the city a few minutes early, hit almost no traffic, and arrive at dinner early. Christmas miracle? Apres-Halloween miracle? Who knows, we had 4 High Lo Go Gos and a mission! Dinner was great for catching up with some Brantford friends, and carbo loading. I won't lie, I was pretty sassafrassin nervous about being on stage without a guitar to hide behind, and in a new venue where anything could explode, so some chatter and comfort food was a lovely distraction.

D - All you can eat ribs? What a great idea just before a gig....burp!

C - We couldn't load into the venue until after 9, because they had line dancing. That's still a thing? I actually had no idea. But there were lots of people there when we arrived.

D - Must have been a great line dance night. Actually the first venue where I've ever met a gay black cowboy. I can cross that off the list now.

C - All I had to set up was my mic. It was weird. Other than fetching water, I felt oddly out of place. But once we got going, it was amazing! Strange, alien, but amazing!

D - I could have sworn I read that as Feltching water!

C - I swear I saw some "tough guys" singing along full blast to "Eff the Day Job"! Doug, how was the view with 4 GoGos in front of you?

D - Once again, kept the ass in the back and the asses out front. Speaking of which, how many times did you bend over straight legged that night Cynthia?

C - Shush. I was a perfect lady. Heh heh. One guy pulled me aside after the show to tell me that I sounded like Joplin. I thanked him, but admitted this wasn't water proof mascara so please don't say anything else nice to me. hahaha

D - Of course if you really sounded like Joplin, I would run to the hills. Let's hope he was talking about Scott and not Janice.

C - Then there was "The Duel"...

S - Upon discovering a man wearing virtually identical pants, I felt a burning rage, deep inside of me! Due to the absence of a glove, I strolled over and smacked him across the face with a pom pom, decreeing "I demand satisfaction!" Seeing as this is Canada and firearms are not readily accessible, we agreed to duel with plastic shotguns against innocent digital deer. Despite my rampant, longstanding vegetarianism, I proved myself to be the superior huntsman! Turn out he was also a fellow bass man and the bass which he most covets is the Rickenbacker 4003, which I happened to play that night. I wish him well, but I think he learned who wears the red pants in this town!

C - Really enjoyed Less Than Three, and both of Waking Life's sets. So good! We'll be dragging them to Toronto to play with us again soon!

D - I've really enjoyed Less Than Three as well...wink...wink!

C - Jackie, what was your first show with HHLF like, and did you still respect us in the morning?

J - Okay, here's my thoughts: This show was, on every level, a positive experience for me. Gillian said she had the best time ever at a one of my shows! I was a little nervous about playing a C&W bar in Brantford, but I never felt threatened or intimidated.

C - A guy was showing me that deer hunt game, and how you lose points if you shoot a doe. He said, "In this bar, we respect women!" I think that was a good sign!

J - I thought the sound on stage was terrible. How is it that I am standing directly in front of my amp and I can barely hear it, but the whole room can hear it just fine. Every body said we sounded great, so that's the main thing. The vocals were a little weak, but I'm sure they sounded just fine over by the bar, WHERE THE PA SPEAKERS WERE...

C - Ha ha ha! Yeah. The bar wasn't really set up for rock bands. Dan did the best he could with the sound.

J - I thought it was a little strange how the place cleared out, but after I heard about the line dancing it all made sense. I'm surprised they stayed as long as they did.

C- Yeah, Nikole said that the place usually clears at midnight, so we shouldn't take it personally. Please tell me that I didn't snore on the way home. Or at least not too loudly. We made it from Brantford to the CN Tower in 49 minutes. Zero traffic, except for that one arsehole who zoomed by us doing at least 180. I sincerely hope he didn't hurt anyone but himself that night!

C - thanks to everyone who came out - we'll be there again soon!

Monday, November 16, 2015

FOUR people in the band?

Well, I guess Doug knows how to count to four, from the song-counting-in that he does. Check out our first Toronto show with the new lineup on Sat. Dec. 5 at Cherry Cola's!