Sunday, February 5, 2012

Show Report - Sat. Feb 4 - Therapy Lounge, Brantford - Poutine, Patrone and Pu**y!

* LOCO Roller Derby Brantford Chapter fundraiser *

(Drummer Doug's very first show report!)

D: The drive up the 403 directly into the sun was only a precursor to what heavenly goodness laid ahead. What was was once called the Home of Wayne Gretzky has now become the Home of 24hr Poutine a la Lonnies on Market St.

As our first stop for noms and central meeting spot we were overwhelmed by a little hole in the wall open 24 hours that served 16 varieties of Poutine. Such variations as breakfast poutine, Pogo poutine, weiners and beans poutine and fire in the hole poutine!

After devouring our pre show yummies, It was off to The rapy.

Therapy was a "clinically clean" club with white leather couches and one buxom blonde bartender. It's the first club that I have seen with both Patrone and Fireball dispensers! Take that Jagermeister!

And thanks to owner Steve, the Patrone was flowing as freely as maple syrup in springtime Quebec!

Shot after shot of Patrone and skittle shots mixed in with the "normal" HHLF drink orders made for an intoxicating (pun intended) evening of rock and debauchery! Did I mention the 24 beer that was comped for us (read ME) as well thanks to the Brantford LOCO roller derby?

Oh yeah, that's what we came for in the first place. Dozens of hot derby girls in fishnets and tight lillte shorts! Shaking what God gave them all night! The thought of after gig poutine took a back burner from that point!

Two local acts Pay No Mind and Social Abortion opened the night to tecnically glitchy sound and when the soundboard decided to start it's own set of ear shattering feedback, it was time to become soundman and get that shit under control!

Needless to say, my first live show with "cupcakes" went rather flawless.

Highlights of the night:

booze booze and more booze (you can't lose)

packed club that was digging the music

Mandy wins the 50/50 raffle (of course she donated it back to the cause) she's just so awesome like that!

Cynthia's combination Ass / Guitar / Shot solo; she's just so awesome like that!

And of course the view from behind. Specifically when there's 15 chicks in front of you...Did I mention how hard this gig is?