Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays & 2013 In Review

High Heels Lo Fi - what the bleep happened in 2013?

*** GIGS ***

Jan 18 - toronto - Cameron House
March 28 - toronto - Lee's Palace, Bella's Burlesque Birthday
May 24 - toronto - bovine
May 25 - london - richmond tavern
May 26 - hamilton - the casbah lounge
June 20 - hamilton - club absinthe
June 25 - toronto - rancho - theatre event
July 6 - toronto - the rivoli
July 13 - oshawa - The Atria
August 7 - toronto - Cherry Cola
August 24 - Fergus - Kelly & Noah’s wedding
Sept 13 - toronto - cherry cola
Sept 15 - toronto - the black swan
Oct 16 - toronto - bovine - nerd night
Nov 1 - toronto - cherry cola - Day of the Dead
Nov 2 - brantford - therapy - Day of the Dead
Dec 14 - toronto - magpie taproom

Did you notice the Fergus show? We played at a wedding. This actually happened.

Wow - SEVENTEEN - the most shows we’ve played in one year since this band started. And there will be even more in 2014, as there will likely be some tour weekends. Look out!

Photos from Show #17 in convenient action movie form: Click here

Also coming up in 2014, another episode of We Play With Boobies - a night of Female-Fronted Rock Bands.

*** FUN STUFF ***

D: All the fun, All the time. This year made me realize just how much fun playing with these girls is. I’ve never seen such growth and determination. It makes me both proud and lucky to be part of this threesome. Look out we come!

C: Fun... we have been discovering how amazing it is to bully people with fun. It sounds sort of mean and pushy to force people to sing and dance, but every single time they look SO full of absolute GLEE when they’re done, I think a little pushiness is worth it. You can say we drag ladies to dance on stage because we’re pervs who like to amuse ourselves, or you could say we are pushing female empowerment, helping women claim their sexy power, and showing them it’s okay to take the spotlight sometimes. Nah, it’s likely just the perv thing.

M: We did all those gigs? No wonder I’m tired and blurry. So many good gigs, and the fact that we get so many cool people up on stage with us is epic--not just the random people we hijack into having fun with us, but our regular pranksters and prancers, like the Nerd Girls, our awesome High Lo Go Gos, and totally Noah and J, who take some really fantastic pictures of us. Thanks to alla you for making it so much fun for us!

*** PROMO ***

We were picked as a “Wild Card” for the CBC Music Hockey Night in Canada Songquest Contest! We’re very honoured to have dirtied up the ears of the lovely CBC folks. Although we didn’t make the Top 50, we shall unwrap our fingers from our martini glasses long enough to cross them for Washboard Hank!

We were featured on the internet radio program “Everything And The Kitchen Sink”, and on’s “Ruby Slippers”.

We also need YOU for promo in 2014, and hope you’ll wear your HHLF shirts and buttons as often as possible. Spread the word, tell your friends, tell the gal in line for poutine - we are Toronto’s wackiest party band!


Recipe - The Mexican Revolutionary
I was making French 75s for a party, but Cynthia doesn’t drink gin, so we substituted tequila instead. It was kinda a lot of awesome.
2 ounces tequila
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
1 ounce simple syrup
well-chilled dry sparkling wine, like cava or prosecco

Pour everything but the sparkling wine into a tall glass, and stir well, top with sparkling wine, and stir gently.

Recipe - The Suntanned Clit
Rocks Glass, 2 ice cubes, shot of Malibu Coconut Rum, shot of Peach Schnapps, squeeze 3 lime wedges into it, stir with butcher knife (if possible).
Why the name? Coconut smells like suntan lotion, and, to quote Nick Cage, "I could eat a peach all day".

Hiccup Cure
Okay drinkers, this has been working like a charm for me for the past several weeks, please let me know if it works for you. If you hiccup, raise your arms up in the air for about a minute. Since I’ve done this, I have never hiccuped twice. Pulls your diaphragm to a non-hiccupy angle or something.

Anything else we’ve learned / discovered?
Never, ever take Spadina to get anywhere in the city.
Smoke’s stays open late late late on extra long licence nights.
Olive oil is brilliant for cleaning off super-goop clown white makeup.


Goodnight, Sunrise
The Anti-Queens
Kraken Not Stirred
Thinly Veiled Double Entendres
The Alcohollys
Truth Panel
The Cheap Speakers
Brave Little Toaster
Halfway 2 Sanity
Slave to the Squarewave
Rulers of the Moon
The Howling Bullets
Suitcase Sam & The Suits

There are MANY more - Toronto is just seething with amazing music right now.
Thank you to everyone who gets out there and supports live music. YOU are the people who make this city magical!


We wish you a very merry holiday season, full of great food and wonderful friends.

High Heels Lo Fi
Cynthia * Mandy * Doug

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

We're a "Wild Card"!

... and we colour outside the blue lines!

CLICK HERE for the Songquest Hockey Song Contest Wild Card page and check us out!
Please visit Our CBC Music Page to vote for us (blue button halfway down, don't have to sign up!) and listen to Rhymes With Puck, our wildly inappropriate hockey song.

Hope to see you at our next show on Sat. Dec. 14 - for details!