Friday, June 22, 2012

Show Report - North by NorthEast!

Thursday June 14 - Detour Bar, NXNE Showcase
with Jet Black, Alright Alright, and This Mess

Notes from Cyn:
- Detour Bar is one of those awesome little nooks that is perfect for party people. but it looks like it's usually packed, so please don't tell anyone about it. SHUSH.
- OMG the staff are all super hot. seriously, we beg of you, do NOT tell anyone about this bar.
- the stage was small. "the drums were halfway up my ass, but other than that, i'm perfect!"
- in London we dressed British, for Laura Rock's CD release we dressed rocker, and for Detour... we dressed to match the disco ball. for realz.
- it felt like we played REALLY well. everything felt like it was on fire. or was that just the extreme heat? but people were bouncing and dancing and cheerleadering (hush now, it is too a word) and yelling with fists in the air.
- we even had two sexy dancing girls mashed onto the front speaker for the last two songs.
- afterward, a girl said that i reminder her of Joan Jett and I nearly burst into tears. i'm sort of a dork.
- HOLY MOTHER OF BOB THE POUTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy, please explain the awesomeness of Bon Jovi & poutine...

Notes from Dug:
-what we played NXNE! It all seems to blur together from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning.
-keeping up with these young cupcakes will be the death of me...but what a way to go!
-consumed more alcohol in 5 days than all month...but still relatively sober...DAMN you tolerance!
-the gig was fantastic, 3 sparkling lunatics, rocking out in black and silver from head to toe!
- the fact that whoever put the drum kit together and didn't know back from front of a bass drum didn't deter us from given 'er our all!
Nothing that a cinder block and sparkle boots couldn't fix. (see pic)
-all in all it was a killer night with killer bands. We came, we rocked, We had sex with your moms! \m/

Notes from Mandy:
Uhhh, the dog ate my show report.


We played NXNE and I worked my Artist pass like show-playing, seminar-going, line-jumping jerk that I am.
So. Much. Fun. With a disco ball...

The cool thing about the Artist pass is that you get to go to all these fancy-schmancy industry seminars, which were either kinda not-quite-as-advertised, or interesting, or frikkin' cool, depending on how you choose...or how many of the family-sized gins the very friendly bartender has served you.
In between seminars we got loads of people chatting with us 'cause of the jackets, and every time we turned around, all of the earplugs we'd put down were gone! People love swag. I hope they look us up on FB.
While the seminars teased us with cookies on Wednesday, there were none on Thursday or Friday. RIP OFF! I DEMAND COOKIES! I HAVE AN ARTIST PASS, DAMMIT!

Super huge thanks to Charles Whaley of for the Video!

Photo Set - and Review of the show thanks SO much Amber!

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