Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Show Report - Wed. Aug 1st - Rancho Relaxo

Meanwhile back at the Rancho...

I swear, Two Way Dan just gives us gigs so he can see what kind of
shenanigans we'll get up to this time. I think the Pink Platoon, ready
to invade CandyLandistan, did not disappoint. Seriously, the matching
pink camo was an awesome investment capturing giggles and livers.

I have a pink star on my cheek! Head to toe in pink camo!
Maybe I should have dyed my hair pink. Although moon was almost full,
the tides high and I'm pretty positive that I'm "syncing" up with the girls.
Having a dancing girl (Kate) on stage from the get go was a first and
it only meant Mandy had no choice but to stand and play directly in
front of me! Best behaviour!!!
See, I can do it.
And I managed to keep my pants on the whole night!
You're welcome!

Two new covers and a new original - I hope we entertained the @#$% out of our old friends and new buddies. Thanks so much to Kate for shaking her cute ass for the whole shebang! And to Alana & Veronique for joining in for last few songs! I swear, we always end up with the BEST party people, everywhere we go! We are so lucky!

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