Friday, July 5, 2013

Show Report - Tuesday June 25th, Rancho Relaxo

Theatre Trailers Live!

C - Movie trailers are usually the best part of the movie, so we were excited to see Theatre Trailers!

C -It was a fun night - HHLF played a short set, then 2 trailers, then another short set, 2 more trailers, then a slightly longer set to close the night. It was somehow less stressful playing 3 short sets. Interesting.

C -Our super cute High Lo Go Gos danced for some of the night, and we had a great crowd of ladies jump up for the last few songs. Theatre people really dig yelling and waving pompoms. I guess they’re used to being a bit wacky.

C -Since it was a theatre event, I thought this would be a good chance to dress up as one of my favourite characters from the theatre - Miss Hannigan from Annie. (Carol Burnett really knocked that one out of the park, right?) It didn’t strike me until later that her most iconic outfit was the little nightie. Dammit. Oh well. (Ever try to dry sweaty hands so you can play guitar, but you’re wearing thin polyester? I had to wipe my hands on GoGoKelly’s cotton skirt. Nice ass. Heehee!)

D - The only thing hotter than our GoGos was the temperature on stage!

C -Luckily, Mandy & Doug seemed happy to step up, but with Doug immediately refusing to be Annie. Fair enough. He was a great Daddy Warbucks, but suits are HOT so the last set was shirtless. (You’re welcome, ladies.) Mandy was the cutest Sandy puppy of all time, although she must have fried wearing fur in that heat & humidity. Oh well, that’s Rock & Roll!

C -Any night that ends with the sound princess wearing your band’s tshirt is a great freakin night!

D - I believe we all agreed on “sound goddess” instead of princess?

C - whoops - you're right! goddess!

D - So freakin’ hot! Hope nobody minded that I packed up my drums in just my undergitch. At least I left them on for a change! :-p

Be sure to check out “Offers of Home” this July -

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