Sunday, April 8, 2012

Show Report - Bella's Burlesque Birthday Bash - March 23

Notes from Doug:
Mixing burlesque dancers, handbell orchestras, alcohol and of course HHLF is a recipe for utter debauchery!
First, unless you're blind, there are always the distractions (see boobs) that seem to follow us from show to show! Let's just say that night, they, (see boobs) were out in record droves. Even Mandy was fronting spectacular chesticles (see boobs) that night as to not be outdone!
The night opened with the birthday girl herself, Bella Fox, and Pavlov's Dogs Handbell Orchestra playing contemporary pop a la MGMT on handbells.Followed by Bella's first dance of the evening!
Couple more dancers and then we we're up! Packed house, I mean all the way to the back of the Swan! And we're still relatively sober!
And did I mention I'm tucked into a corner. Nobody puts Dougie in a corner! Well O.K. if there is anyone who I would allow to "corner"'s the cupcakes!
And so we play, the usual, here come the girlies on stage, pom poms in hand.....wait what's that? Oh no, SLAVEdrummer kryptonite...the cutest little Korean girl is dancing beside Cyn! Good night all.... ;-)

Notes from Cyn:
Doug has covered this pretty well, but i shall add a few points. There were so many people dancing right in front of the stage and ON the stage with us that the floor was shaking, causing the microphone to hammer into my teeth. That's okay, that's rock & roll, people! i shall take it for the name of rock! Also, a gorgeous burlesque girlie took one look at my boots in the changing room and called me a hot bitch. Oh, and i got to use the girlie change room, full of hot, semi-naked girlies. Have i mentioned lately that i love my life? heh heh

mandy says: boobies!

show highlight: bella lost her pastie and seemed fairly unconcerned about it.

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