Friday, March 23, 2012

Show Report - St Party's Day

_Hazy Leprechaun Cupcakes_
saturday march 17 at rancho relaxo with The Motherlode

C - many of our friends came early & proceeded to drink, chitchat, eat
cupcakes & chocolates from the pot of gold
M - OMG THERE WERE CUPCAKES!!! REALLY GOOD CUPCAKES!!! Sorry Money Pie, but Lavender Orange brought us cupcakes, and they're our new favourite Doug's other band now.

C - we were worried our set would run too long but the second band had
to cancel (singer in hospital - sounds like he'll be fine in few days
& we wish him speedy recovery). but suddenly we shall be starting
pinch late & adding three more songs to set. okay then!
M - If there's one thing we can be counted on to do well, it's to ramble endlessly and entertainingly. And harass the drummer. We did a lot of that too. Doug is still being initiated but he's putting up with it all pretty well. The hazing seem to involve a lot of boobies. I hope he's OK with that.

C - we had four sexy leprechauns all dolled up & they danced like crazy
in front of stage & on stage!
M - It's pretty danged awesome that Cynthia says "hey, we need sexy leprechauns" and then minimally-dressed gorgeous women show up to prance for us.

C - i think our set went really well - people were singing along! there
was the usual amount of fuckery & hijinks, but the music itself went
well. okay, i hit a few really shitty chords, but i was distracted...
did you see the hottie dancing like mad right at my left elbow? you'd
be distracted too. so shush. :)
M - All in all a pretty musically tight show! Except the one song that I was trying to video for my mom ended up with booty all over it. Oh well. Maybe I'll have clothes on again for the next gig.

C - my boss brought a huge tray of tequila shots in middle of set! i guess he wasn't offended by our debauchery. thanks!!!
M - That was epic! That was enough tequila for a small island nation, and Cyn was determined that ~none~ of it would go to waste. I had to remind her to share with the leprechauns. She gets a little greedy around the tequila--make sure you don't get your fingers in between her and the bottle.

C - spock's flute solo added some much needed class to the dubliner's
"bugger off" we covered for last song.
M - An as-always entertaining and fun solo from Spock. It always makes me happy when real musicians want to participate in our jackassery.

C - so much awesomeness happened & i am forgetting a lot...
M - It was a ridiculous fun night--singing prancing leprechauns, hazing, progrock flute. So, pretty much business as usual for an HHLF show.

Doug Notes:

Bra on Head:-O surprise
Boobies :D big grin
Hooter Shooter&lt:-P party
Can this be every show...Please!=P~ drooling

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